The Evolution of Traditional Faculty Throughout Distance Education Training (DLA 2011)

Presenters: Sherry Southard, Rodger Bates, Clayton State University
Abstract: This research explores a quality online course development pilot project; analyzes the faculty experience throughout the process; and provides insight on designing a distance education training program within the framework of a traditional college or university.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand Clayton State “drivers”
  • Explore attitudes of staff and potential strategies

Key ideas

  • Faculty experience throughout the process
    • transitions at different rates
    • sense of self – trauma for transformation
    • anger at loss of identity
    • frustration at difference issues
    • loss of control a big barrier
  • Key Drivers
    • Push by Dean (support from senior management)
    • Attitude will determine altitude
    • Funding
    • Project coordination

Action plan

  • No mention of but essential is linkage / importance of process and administration to training programme
  • Keep the 12 week programme sessions titles for future reference
  • Explore issues of transition and identity of staff as they move to online and distance learning teaching

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