Making the Most of Course Delivery Methods (DLA 2011)

Presenter: Scott Dinho, SCAD eLearning
Abstract: The first step toward truly getting a hold on the support needs of each course delivery method is a simple analysis of the various course delivery methods being offered. Careful analysis of characteristics related to resources and curriculum will show benefits and needs that can be considered in future planning.

Learning Objectives: 

  •   Explore how SCAD analysis techniques can be adapted for Birmingham

Key ideas

  • Importance of all stakeholders and service providers across the institution having a common understanding in order to maximise student learning:
  1. language
  2. delivery formats
  3. levels of synchroncity
  4. instructional use
  5. Instructional understanding
Course Delivery Formats (SCAD)
  • SCAD like many US institutions has a successful elearning/online campus and it is essential that all level of personnel understand terminology
    eg. admission / academic advisors need to  be clear about what a course looks like in order to ensure that the student too is clear on their choices and the implications
  •  Elements / requirements required for an institutional/College based planning document
  1.  Faculty development (preparation of academics to teaching online
  2. Technical support  (help desk, technicians etc)
  3. Physical facilities  (more or less classrooms required?)
  4. Computing network (how will the formats use / stress the network, staff and students)
  5. Academic department oversight (new procedures needed or adapted?)
  6. Tuition revenue production ( can this format be viewed as a revenue source?)
  7. Registrar (do new registration procedures need to be enacted?)
  1. High: will add stress on system or require new investment
  2. Medium: Current systems are sufficient
  3. Low: Will ease burden on current system

Action plan

  • Integration into DODL research project
  • Share with elearning teams

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