Quality Assurance Equals Student Success (DLA 2011)

Presenter: Deb Gearhart, Troy University
Abstract: Troy University eCampus implemented a Quality Assurance process in 2008, based on the Quality Matters Rubric. Since that time over 450 courses and course sections have been reviewed through the process. This paper will discuss the best practices, lessons learned and value of quality assurance, particularly as a retention tool for students and a means for student success.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Examine Distance Learning quality assurance issues in relation to University and College wide implementation

Key ideas

  • Distance learning since 1998  and eCampus since 2005
  • Development of a Quality Matters (QM) rubric
  • Faculty-driven, peer review process – diagnostic and collegial, not evaluative and judgemental
  • 85% level to pass
  • About course and course quality
  • Anonymous review process which takes 2-3 weeks (450 courses or modules have been reviewed between 2008-2010)
  • Embedded into practice at all levels because the institution is behind the initiative
  • Rubric standards include:
  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2.  Learning Objectives (outcomes)
  3. Assessment and Measurement
  4. Resources and Materials
  5. Learner Interaction
  6. Course technology
  7. Learner Support
  8. Accessibility

Action Plan

  • Consider evaluating some of the College against the rubric
  • Share with Curriculum Unit

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