Delivering Online Distance Learning (DODL)


Having access to curriculum design resources is a fundamental way in which the University of Birmingham can support quality enhancement. The sub-set of curriculum design which this project wishes to explore is Online Distance Learning (ODL). ODL is defined as any programme or element thereof which “has a significant component delivered to students online and at a distance” (HEFCE, 2010). We define “distance” in terms of this project as learning that incorporates some time or geographical distance barrier (this includes placements, work-based learning, year-in-industry as well as shift patterns for postgraduate students).

Scope of initial project:

  • audit ODL practice informed by current pedagogical practice, research and innovation, both here at Birmingham and more widely
  • work towards establishing the structures that will allow the development of a resource supporting the broader curriculum design process for ODL

Approaches have been made by key individuals from within CAL, MDS and EPS to staff within the CoSS eLearning team and wider, signalling the increasing importance that is being placed on ODL in its various guises. This highlights the challenge to move from a cottage industry approach towards embedded systems based on good practice and, ultimately, to input into a Birmingham Curriculum Design online resource. Phase one is limited by staffing constraints within the planned time period.

Who We Are

Danielle Hinton, Learning Design Consultant, College of Social Sciences
Linda Curry: E-Learning Manager, School of Government and Society

What We Did

Prezi Summary Available from:


A number of strands were produced as a result of this project. Firstly there were ODL Models, Case Studies and Planning Notes as well as an End of Project Report and Final Report (in progress). The models, case studies and planning notes are the first (we hope) in an ongoing series.


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