Supporting curriculum innovation: the role of quality assurance and enhancement

Abstract: Quality assurance and quality enhancement are central to an institution’s core business providing two distinct yet complimentary aspects to quality management. Whilst quality assurance focuses on ensuring that institutional conditions are in place for students to achieve set standards, quality enhancement is about developing reliable and demonstrable improvements in the quality of learning opportunities.

The purpose of this session was to discuss the role of QA and QE in supporting innovation in curriculum design and delivery and explore some of the issues, challenges and examples of good practice. The session started with an overview from Dr Peter Findlay, Assistant Director at the Quality Assurance Agency, about the QAA’s work and how it relates to innovation, particularly in relation to the CDD programmes. Dr Judith Kuit representing the QA-QE Special Interest Group supported by the Higher Education Academy, will discuss the work of the SIG, its role in the current consultation around the QAA Code of Practice on e-learning and other current initiatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect more on QAA and its relationship to Technology Enhanced Learning

Key Ideas

  • Often seen as negative point (burden, justification) but on positive side can be partnership for sharing and encouraging good practice
  • Institutional culture can be a barrier to QA and E
  • Strengthened QA for new learning stragies (elearning) expected to come into play soon
  • Elearning really needs to be integrated into all the sections of QAA code

Action Plans

  • Keep updating myself regularly

Length: 1 hour


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