Peer Mark trial

Well we were brave and trialled Peer mark with a cohort of 130 students in Nov/Dec. Based within an academic skills module this activity was designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain some feedback on their academic writing before submitting summative pieces of work for the majority of modules.

Students were asked to write 750 words (with accompanying bibliography) on a topic of their choice around the theme of:

“Evaluating X within X sport”

Once the base assignment was submitted I then set up the Peer Mark assignment (stage 2). Initially my brain jumped and I attached it to the wrong assignment (but that was sorted really quickly).  We decided to ask students to provide feedback and a notional grade to one other assignment. Peer Mark allocated these without a hitch. During the set up Peer Mark asks you to set up some questions to help focus the student. The sample questions provided are fabulous and we used most of them along with some additional ones related to the Undergraduate Marking Rubric.

On reflection next time I would:

  • provide more time for reflection and integration into class discussion
  • ask students to Peer Mark two assignment (provides more of an indication of achievement than one)

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