Roster Synching: Staff Uploading Assignments on Behalf of Students

Sometimes there will be circumstance where a tutor or administrator may have an assignment emailed to them for uploading into Turnitin. Turnitin allows you to upload on behalf of an enrolled students which is jolly fabulous. However it is important not to forget that in between you setting up the Turnitin Assignment Box additional students may have been added to the WebCT Grade Book. So moral of this story is when in doubt and

A student says, “I can’t upload my assignment because I can’t see it” – you probably need to Roster Synch in the Turnitin Assignment

You’ve received an emailed assignment for uploading into Turnitin for online marking. You scratch your head as you can’t find the student. You check the WebCT Grade Book and that’s fine, so… Roster Synch and your missing student will appear

The End


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