Lecture Capture Pedagogy


Webinar: Wednesday 18 January – time: 11.30-1pm* (UK time)

Sylvia Moes, Project Manager and Innovation Manager in Media at VU University Amsterdam, has worked on a two-year investigation into the use of lecture capture in the Netherlands and Belgium. This webinar will review the results of that ground-breaking project and what we in the ViTAL community can learn from it.

The link for the ViTAL webinar recording is: http://media.ubvu.vu.nl/VUmedia/Viewer/?peid=8e23a23bb83d494b8087522028dc0284

Learning Objectives

  • Explore different models of Web lectures and their affordances for teaching and learning

Key Ideas

An interesting Webinar that reported on three projects within the umbrella of REC:all undertaken across many HE institutions in the Netherlands. Projects included:

  1. Live Feedback
  2. Enriched Online Lectures
  3. Instructional Web lectures

These equate to an example from each side of the Weblecture Plant (right).

  • Interaction is helpful especially where it is linked to short tests and feedback (example 1)
  • Often students use these recordings to prepare for exams
  • Can save teacher time with feedback but at the same time provide goof, fast feedback to students resulting in higher satisfaction and pass rates (example 1)
  • Helps motivation and caters for a wide range of learning styles (example 2)
  • Links directly to additional resources such as course readings and related websites and videos (example 2)
  • Works better as an integrated whole package rather than a click in and out rather random (constrained by the iVLE being used)  (example 2)
  • Instructional weblectures are great for getting across subjects like SPSS allowing staff to build up knowledge archives or take advantage of the numerous ones already created and available within an institution or via YouTube (example 3)

Action Plan


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