Of Course! Game Based Staff Development

It has been sitting on my table for a few days now. In preparation for its first official outing I played (by myself sadly ) “Of Course!” the board game designed by Alex Mosley of Leicester University. The game is designed to help teams start discussing designing a new course or enhancing an existing one. Here is his reflection on building and testing it. Designed to be a conversation starter, I’m sure it will be a helpful tool in our staff development arsenal.


Of course I won!


Another interesting game which I got to play a month or two ago at an OU event was Accreditation! (see below) designed by Rachel Forsyth and Nicola Whitton from Manchester Metropolitan University. THis is one to reflect on. Have a go yourself because all you’ll ever need to play the game is here: http://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com/w/page/44087950/Accreditation!


Another one we played explored the initial student experience. We were encouraged to place snakes or ladders comments onto a typical student timeline:

Initial Student Experience


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