MOOC Reports: Filling the Gaps & Reporting on Lessons Learnt So Far

(1) MOOCs @ Edinburgh 2013 – Report #1


  • 6 MOOCs created (Philosophy, Elearning, AI, Astrobiology, Equine nutrition, Critical Thinking)
  • Delivered on Coursera platform
  • 10 months from first talking to Coursera to distributing Statements of Achievements to students (34,850 in total)
  • MOOC length was 5-7 weeks
  • Initial enrolment was 309,000 (all numbers include the 6 MOOCs)
  • Each MOOC had a course structure that suited the subject
  • 217,512 unique email accounts  one week before start
  • Students came from 203 countries
  • Common study time spent by students was 2-4hrs a week

(2) Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach Duke University’s First MOOC


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