Danielle Hinton

Muirhead Tower, 6 West
College of Social Sciences
The University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT

Tel: +44 (0)121 414 3468
Email: d.m.hinton@bham.ac.uk

Delicious: http://www.delicious.com/hintondm
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/hintondm 

Team WWW: http://elearning.coss.bham.ac.uk/
Student eSupport:  http://www.education2.bham.ac.uk/elearning/
Staff eSupport: http://www.education2.bham.ac.uk/elearning/designer/


2012, PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
2003, Certificate in Online Education and Training, Institute of Education, University of London
1995, Postgraduate Diploma (Information Management), Curtin University of Technology
1993, Bachelor of Applied Science (Information and Library Studies), Curtin University of Technology


University of Birmingham, UK:

  • 2010-2012: College Educational Enhancement Fellow, College of Social Sciences
  • 2008- : Learning Design Consultant, College of Social Sciences
  • 2001 – 2008: Educational Technology Manager, School of Education

I have worked within the field of e-learning and education since 1995, joining the University of Birmingham in January of 2001 as E-Learning and Web Development. During my time at the University I have been involved in a large number of programmes and modules firstly within the School of Education and then latterly the College of Social Sciences. Early projects included contribution to the initial development of the WebAutism distance online programme of study and the Birmingham Braille Course online.

I have extensive experience in creating and implementing e-learning designs across a wide range of distance education programmes within the School of Education. In 2008 I took on the wider role of Learning Design Consultant within the newly created College of Social Sciences E-Learning Team with a College-wide remit. As such I work on a wide range of College-wide e-learning and related enhancement projects and specialize in the areas of

  • enquiry-based learning (EBL),
  • blended learning (campus and distance) designs,
  • online communication for education (bulletin boards and chat),
  • learner independence

In addition I

  • facilitate the creation of and support VLE / Web 2.0 learning designs within the School of Government and Society
  • am part of the management team that created the Designing for enquiry-based Blended Learning (DiBL) initiative (http://www.ceimh.bham.ac.uk/newsandevents/DIBL.shtml)
  • co-edit the College of Social Sciences’ “Talking About… Learning and Teaching” newsletter
  • contributed to the University’s Educational Enhancement Group (2010-11)

Previous to joining the University I worked as a qualified librarian. I held a variety of positions in the Higher Education, Government, Medical and Financial sectors within the UK and Australia.


  • 2009-  Designing for enquiry-based Blended Learning (DiBL)
    For the Centre for Learning and Academic Development (CLAD)
  • 2008-2011  Module Leader: Academic Skills Development
    LC (1st year undergraduate) 20 credit module within the School of Education. The  module sits within the English Language and Literature in Education undergraduate programme.
  • 2004 – 2006  Lead Tutor: Supporting Online Learning Communities and E-Learning – Content Design and Delivery
    I was responsible for teaching two LH (3rd year Undergraduate) modules with the then Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Birmingham. These modules focused primarily on internal and external staff development markets.

Learning in Higher Education

Employers are looking for graduates that show independence and the ability to solve problems. In order to develop these skills higher education institutions must ensure that their teaching is orientated towards developing independent enquiry.  An underlying issue here is how to move away from traditional lecture based approaches to blends of online delivery, facilitated workshops, traditional lectures and independent learning.  This not only requires a change in the delivery of higher education tutors but also in how we assess students taught through different teaching strategies. Projects include:

  • Designing for enquiry-based Blended Learning (DiBL): Community of Practice
  • Using blended online enquiry based learning to developing learner impendence and academic skills in first year undergraduates
  • Using Problem Based Learning to develop online resources for use in the professional development of specialist teachers of the visually impaired
  • Web-based support for key skills across the curriculum

Publications and Conference Presentations

McLinden, M., McCall, S., Hinton, D. and Weston, A. (2010) Developing Authentic Online Problem-Based Learning Case Scenarios for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairment in the United Kingdom, Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Hinton, D (2008) Using Enquiry Based Learning to Create a Blended Academic Skills Development Module for 1st Year Undergraduates That Promotes Independent Learning, Third International Blended Learning Conference 2008, University of Hertfordshire.

McLinden, M., McCall, S. and Hinton, D. (2007) Embedding online problem-based learning case scenarios in a distance education programme for specialist teachers of children with visual impairment. European Journal of  Special Needs Education, 22 (3): 275-293

McLinden, M., McCall, S. and Hinton, D. (2006) Participation in online problem-based learning – insights from postgraduate teachers studying through distance education. Distance Education,  21, (3): 235-249

McLinden, M., McCall, S., Hinton, D. and Douglas, G. (2006) Developing online Problem-based learning resources for use in the professional development of specialist teachers of children with visual impairment studying through distance education. Open Learning, 21 (3): 235-249

Hinton, D. & McGill, L. (2001) “Chat to a librarian: 21st century reference for distance learners” VINE, 122, p. 59-64.

Hinton, D. (2001) “A Question of Access: The Electronic Journals Tutorial at the University of Leicester” The Serials Librarian, 41, 3-4, p.?

Hinton, D (2000) Electronic Library, IT and Staff Education Project: Library Services for Distance Learners,  1st Distance And Lifelong Learning At Swansea (DALLAS) Conference, University of Wales.


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