Coming Alive: From Print to Articulate

Often case studies from text books are used as a basis for discussion. However most times these are heavily text based and not terribly engaging at first glance for the student. We had such instance and decided we had one that was ideal to “upgrade” in terms of delivery.

First things first I contacted our Copyright Oracle who after investigation informed us that despite the agreements the University is signed up to that the legal copying of a case study was a no go area. So to Plan B then…

So after carefully reading the original and discussing the salient learning points with the Module Lead, I created the Polish Cultural and Social Centre case which after many revisions of the storyboard was transferred to Articulate which uses PowerPoint as the basis. Screen layout was inspired heavily by work done by Bucky Dodd and Andrea Stone at the University of Central Oklahoma.



Storyboard Version 5:



Design and Development Strategies for Creating Scenario-Based eLearning Content (DLA 2011)

Presenters: Bucky Dodd, Andrea Stone University of Central Oklahoma
Abstract: One of the more innovative and evolving strategies in elearning instructional design is the use of scenario-based learning techniques. This session describes characteristics of scenario-based elearning and explores best practices for designing and developing scenario-based elearning content. Participants attending this session will have access to free resources and templates for creating scenario-based elearning.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the use of branching in scenarios using PowerPoint
  • Examine how the techniques and images can be used in CoSS EBL multimedia resource development

Key ideas

Action Plans